Janitorial Cleaning Career


If you want to try for a job in the cleaning industry you might benefit from the following tips. Also on the Custodial Resource Facebook page many people there share great advice.

•Be on time for interviews

•Keep your ap and resumes updated

•Dress to suit the situation

•After interview … Thank you Letter

•Interested in custodial/janitorial? Be sure to check out the other pages on this website and also the forums listed on the home page.

•Find a mentor – one who is now working in the type of job you are seeking.

•Keep a list of references – a list of people who would have positive things to say about your work ethics and personality.

•Post a resume online and keep updated/fresh

•Make business cards with your online resume address/url on it as well as your contact info

•Take any classes to keep up in the field you are interested in

•Veterans be sure to check out your local veteran’s office for leads and job search assistance