clean toilet

A Basic List:
•Dump the trash & replace can and receptacle liners
•Sweep or dust mop the floor
•Refill soap and paper product dispensers;
•Clean and sanitize toilets, urinals and sinks and water fountains
•Clean mirrors.
•Wipe down/sanitize stall partitions, wall surfaces and fixtures.
•Sanitize touch points.
•Wet mop/sanitize floors
•Low use times such as summer breaks: Deep cleaning. Detail everything and scrub and hose down flooring.

Tips for Rest Room Cleaning:

Have a check-off list on your cart for subs
Wear disposable gloves to protect against germs, bacteria and chemicals
Use the right chemicals for the job
Block entrances with a wet floor sign or other barrier to keep the public out while you clean
Keep wet floor signs posted until floor and facilities are dry
Always clean under urinals and under sink edges as well as underneath toilets every time
Clean side partitions and under the edges of these.
Clean walls back behind toilets and all surfaces of toilet.
Pour water down floor drains regularly.
High dusting, making sure ceiling vents are free of dust as well as tops of stall partitions