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Custodial Worker’s Misc. Useful Infomation
A Resource for Custodians and Substitute Custodians
Training tips, helpful info, etc.
Page inspired by and dedicated to Fred Mascorro



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Please note: These are just general suggestions and tips.
Every building is different and requirements set by your employer may differ from the following.

Priority List for Evening Schedules:
During emergencies(someone called in sick and they don’t send a sub- ever happen to you? ha!) or special events, the following priority list had been developed -follow as needed, reducing or not doing the lowest priority tasks.(#1 being the highest):
•1. Complete all security procedures.
•2. Sanitize all restrooms.
•3. Take care of any safety issues.
•4. Empty trash receptacles.
•5. Stock paper towels, toilet paper and soap.
•6. Spot clean carpets and vinyl floors.
•7. Change lamps (unless a safety issue).
•8. Vacuum carpets and mop hard surfaces.
•9. Remove marks from walls and ceilings.
•10. Clean windows, display cabinets, etc.
•11. Dust.

Make a reference card
~To post in the custodial office/closets and front flap of custodial log book.
Important info to have available for custodians and substitute custodians:

All Emergency Numbers including:
Building administrator: Name…cell phone…pager…home phone…email
Supervisor-Name…cell phone…pager…home phone…email
Head of Maintenance-Name…cell phone…pager…home phone…email
Alarm company: phone: 000-0000/code number?
And of course:9-911 (the extra 9 accesses the outside line, but you knew that, right?)
Your-are-here info: Building address (if you ever need to call police they will ask…do you know this?)
Our Maintenance Building is located at:????? Rd. ph:(000)000-0000
Emergency procedures booklet or chart
Map of building
Phone Tree
Note locations for gas, water shut-offs. Even subs should be able to locate these.

Attend any classes offered and required such as Blood Borne Pathogen training, Asbestos Information, Fire Extinguisher Use, etc.

How to Conduct a Fire Drill
•1.Phone security co. to inform them that a fire drill will be done.
•2.Trigger the alarm.
•3.Walk your area to be sure people go out.
•5.At a signal from building administrator that all students are outside turn off the alarm and give bell signal for “all is clear”.
•6.Reset the alarm and call security co. to inform them that the test is concluded and that the alarm is reset.

What you do if the fire alarm goes off:
•A. Make sure all people treat this as a real emergency.
•B. Scan the building for possible fire and pulled stations.
•C. If fire/smoke is found use fire extinguisher if reasonable and common sense….
•D. If false alarm call security co. right away, reset the pull station, reset at the panel and call security co. again to let them know it has been reset.
•E. Give the “all clear” bell signal.

Helpful Tips for Subs

Be on time
When done put cleaning equipment and tools away neatly and in their proper places.
Try to make the backpack vac bags last for 2 shifts.
Do not coil vac cords tightly. Loop loosely and hang it from top hook (uprights).
Report worn/damaged cord insulation or any other equipment defects to the head custodian.
Communicate… Notes, phone, Custodial Log Book, e-mail.
Ask questions and listen to the answers, take notes.
Memorize the phone number for the personnel dept.
Report high level type problems asap to supervisor and building administrator such as broken window, security issues, etc.
Use logic, good judgment. Think
Do not bring in family members, friends to help with your job.
Follow directions and take assigned breaks.
Report any injuries
If bullied or harassed report this to personnel
Keep your application updated.