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Back Pack Vacuums – Use the Correct Fit and Technique By Steve Hanson

*Back pack vacuums are an ideal way to make your job easier than you ever thought possible. Instead of excessive bending, as with a regular vacuum unit, this ergonomically designed machine was made to fit in order to provide maximum comfort. This is achieved through all of the extra gadgets that come attached with the back pack vacuums, which are used for distributing the weight properly.

*For instance, the back pack vacuums are equipped with shoulder straps and a waist belt that is padded. When you first put on the backpack vacuum, it is imperative that you adjust the belt, so that it fits secure and snug around your hips. You will know if you have done this right, because the straps of the device should easily slip around your shoulders, and should be loose. If you are successful, then you have distributed the main force of weight from the machine off of your back and shoulders, and applied it to your hips.

*Another excellent feature of the back pack vacuums is their back-plate, which is a panel that provides ventilation and is the piece of the unit that rests directly on your back. It is also the support piece for the vacuum. The back plate should be adjustable, and you should take the time to lower or raise it in regards to your height, to ensure the ultimate in flexibility and the freedom to move around conveniently.

*To get the most out of the ergonomic backpack vacuums, you should know how to use them so that you can provide your muscles, tendons and ligaments with the proper support and security they need. With this in mind, you should never have to bend your back for any reason, and your upper torso should be kept erect with very little twisting or sudden sharp movements while operating the machine.

*Not having to bend or making excessive vigorous movements, allows you to keep your energy levels up, while still getting the job done. Of course, depending on where you are vacuuming, sometimes you will need to bend in order to get those hard to reach places under desks and other oddly shaped furniture pieces. When it comes time for bending, remember to bend with your knees and use the support of your legs, not your back.

Another fantastic way you can make your cleaning experience less stressful on your back, is to frequently empty the pack. By doing so, the back pack vacuum will remain light, which makes a big difference compared to lugging around extra weight that isn’t necessary to carry.

As an extra bonus, the back pack vacuum can be purchased with a storage station. This is not only a great place for you to store the vacuum, but you will also discover that this station is installed and stored up on the wall, which means you can take off and put on the back pack vacuums with ease, without ever having to bend down to get it, causing your back undue strain.

Give your back a break, and trust the vacuuming solution that gets the job done quickly, easily and conveniently!

Steve Hanson is co-founding member of The Janitorial Store (TM), an online community for owners and managers of cleaning companies who want to build a more profitable and successful cleaning business.

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