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The Boiler Room features photos from visitors to this site a view into our work lives
...the humourous as well as the harsh reality.
To contact about contributing workplace photos featuring you and/or crew members at work contact
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elementary school gym and custodian Nigel summer 2005 for larger view
Nigel from Ontario, Canada the gym after summer cleaning
Nigel's Gym
The removal of a tile floor in a high school in WA, click to see a larger view
Tile removal in a High School summer 2005
cleaning woodshop for larger view
Summer Cleaning Fun
woodshop, Nubia and Vicki, 2 of the 6 person custodial crew at Sq High School, WA, Aug 2004

Nigel from Ontario, Canada sharing some photos of his super clean school
Very clean looking hall this view down a wing in Nigel's elementary school. Lots of hard work and pride shines through!
how about pictures of you and your crew, Nigel? Thanks, webmaster
This and left from Nigel...05/2005... "I am a custodian in an elementary school in Ontario, Canada. Five years in and Loving it. Here are some pics you might like."
Retired High School Head
Our Singing Jack
Paul 2004, High School custodian
Paul from a High School, Mid shift
teacher/custodian from Czech
Radek, A teacher/custodian from Czech sent this. Here he is conducting outdoor experiments with students outside his building.

czech republic building
I am from the Czech Republic (we are in Central Europe). My age is 32 and I am a teacher at school. I teach math and sciences, but salary in our country is not as high as I wish, so I am making some extra money as a housekeeper in the house I live in. I like both my jobs, I care for the house 2 years and I don´t feel ashamed that instead of teaching I also clean the floor. I allways say that not many buildings have housekeeper who has absolved two universities. I find your website interesting, I have already tried some tips I found there. Please excuse my English. I have been in United States with my wife for 4 months and we liked it there. But please don´t think that we live in jungle here in Czech Rep. and have hardly something to eat. The life has changed in recent years a lot here and differencies are slowly disappearing. The school I teach in resembles to american schools (only my salary not). Also my housekeeping equipment is comparable with american. As I see in your forum, the problems of custodians are the same. I can see it also from teachers point of view and I must say that it is not easy to make children to clean their mess in the classroom - they allways say: That is the work of custodian!
With best wishes, Radek
shiniest water fountain!

Very clean and shiny water fountain. This picture courtesy of "dadeedwain". To read more visit the forum and find out how he did this! here

photo added 5-19-10




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